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   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<   KEEP IT ROLLIN   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Feat. An entrepreneurial "Recycling Art"-Franchise

to build grassroot businesses, socially impactful, unique landscapes and entire environments 

Skillfully combining "Waste/ Natural Resources"  with

 our infinite creative Imagination in order to build A new Earth with our very own hands

The <<< Keep it Rollin>>> playlist on my PlaygroundEarth Channel HERE

There are 3 universal components to  <<< Keep It Rollin >>> 

making this business blueprint exportable and accessible to everyone! every-where!

(1) Our Innate Creativity

(2) The (skilled) use of ancient and innovative craft/building techniques and

(3) Free resources (waste & natural resources) all around us

Please note that ALL 3 components have an inbuilt capacity towards unlimited expansion

My VISION for this blueprint:
<<< Keep It Rollin >>>  as an Entrepreneurial Blueprint is literally designed

to sponsor the self-initiated set-up of businesses world-wide,

managed then by the people locally as their own creations

the Idea is to then inspire successful entrepreneurs to re-invest a percentage of their profits 

back into the Trust Foundation <<< Playground Earth>>> which is enveloping all my other projects​

Please click Here for a visual nutshell of how i am using my Art to re-direct public attention towards the  •••Playground•Earth•••

If you find this difficult to read online Please Email Me for a PDF of  < my Work in Context>,  

featuring Keep it rollin > in Section (14/ 15) 

There is a lot to this Blueprint that goes far beyond what it says on the package ....ranging from:

- Encouraged ACTUAL use of our OWN INNATE CREATIVITY to generate means of income wherever you are living

- hands-on tangible Community building

- breaking open deeply entrenched social hierarchies & ludicrous disctinctions between High and Low Art, which have been historically (mis-) used to amplify the overall  vertical stratification of our shared worlds to

- the actual therapeutic use of our own hands to create tangible products and ultimately entire "Enabling environments" and architectural structures (yes! such as whole houses!)

for PRACTICAL USE WITHIN our everyday lives,

therefore massively enhancing our sense of well being and general connectivity!

Part of this Umbrella project is the constant feeding of new ideas, techniques and products into a general  online database that would be accessible for everybody, eventually leading to the creation of "natural schools",

forming the backbone of Solaris and where-ever a unique space/ building-community is crystallising and where-ever teachable living bodies of knowledge are applied in their own unique ways!

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