Greetings my Friends  and a big warm welcome to my site

I am an Artist  with a strong sense of purpose 

This Purpose is literally informing all that I do in my own life

& could be shortened to the full embodied, 

Re-awakening of our innate human Creativity in all areas of our lives

Creativity as a way of LIVING


My work is quite diverse and  (or so I was told) ---overwhelming 😜 

so below is  a little navigation map

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Selections of my Art work

0 in the 2D,

0 in the Ceramic

in the Mixed Media Arts,

0 the Sound

0 and the Textile sections


This 10 min Video is explaining what exactly you are investing in


I created what could be termed 

<<<<< Solution - Blueprints>>>>>  I


Long-term strategic COMMUNITY-BUILDING

solutions designed to (re-) anchor

Creator Consciousness

They are featured with their individual website links

in the INVEST section 

My latest additions to this pool of <<exportable Solutions>>

are 2 entrepreneurial/ educational blueprints

which i would love to make available

as educational business-franchises

for people  all around the world.!


is based on what is now known as "Recycling Art or Upscaling",

something  i have done since i can remember

alongside my more "traditional Art" ...


Then there is

  (2) the Image Bank 

featuring currently 500+ of my own original (digitised ) paintings,

to be be used by people everywhere to create their own businesses

where-ever they are.

A fixed percentage of their profit is going back into the

Trust Foundation Playground Earth,

literally designed to envelop ALL projects

Please find <<<::: My work in Context :::>>> HERE

Healing insights

I have gained through my own (ongoing) journey

that have allowed me to successfully transmute deep seated trauma

and naturally move into release and integration


My 1st online shop is HERE

© 2015 by mOna 

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