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Greetings my Friends  and a big warm welcome to my site

I am an Artist  with a strong sense of purpose 

This Purpose is literally informing all that I do in my own life

& could be shortened to the full embodied, 

Re-awakening of our innate human Creativity in all areas of our lives

Creativity as a way of LIVING, and my work is committed

to the creation of LIVING ENVIRONMENTS that allow for our most precious gift:

our CreatorBeingness to become OUR WAY OF LIFE!

Right Now i am creating the first physical PILOT LiquidSkies

and to raise the funds i am launching the ImageBank




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Selections of my Art work

0 in the 2D,

0 in the Ceramic

in the Mixed Media Arts,

0 the Sound

0 and the Textile sections


In regards to How to practically instigate Lasting! Change, I created what could be termed 

<<<<< Solution - Blueprints>>>>>  I


Long-term strategic COMMUNITY-BUILDING  solutions,

Blueprints for the conscious creation of  LIVING ENVIRONMENTS

in order to PRACTICALLY (re-) anchor

Creator Consciousness

Aspects of these "exportable Scale-able universal Package solutions"

are featured with their individual website links in the INVEST section 

My latest additions to this pool of <<exportable Solutions >>


is based on what is now known as "Recycling Art or Upscaling",

something  i have done since i can remember

alongside my more "traditional classic Fine Art"

And just like the ImageBank "Keep It Rollin" is designed to be turn into

an entrepreneurial/ educational Franchise-type platform

which i would love to make available to people all around the world.!









This particular blueprint is super rich in hands-on SOLUTIONS

and its practical application doesnt just allow for turning "waste"

into amazing products, functional/ aesthetic Art,

but can literally provide for the skills and knowledge

to build ENTIRE worlds, shelters and landscapes

let alone the beauty of organically imparting

 natural social/ Self-caring and actual

life skills in real PHYSICAL environments

as an exeptional potent antidote and remedy

for all pressing challenges the transhumanist take-over attempts

of humanity AND our shared worlds are posing everywhere


and we getting closer:::)))



Healing insights

I have gained through my own (ongoing) journey

that have allowed me to successfully transmute deep seated trauma

and naturally move into release and integration

© 2015 by mOna 

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So YES Please

let the right business-partner come forward nOw

to take charge of admin tech/ marketing and general business side

of marketing those first 22 images and CREATE the imagebank together.


and i am happily sharing my WEALTH  and introduce you to my world

So hit me up! and send me your pitch -----))))

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