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Emotional Release

I have mentioned Dr Bruce Lipton already here, but for this particular section I want to bring in a more scientific perspective on the importance of getting on top of all the subconscious programming that is implanting itself in all of us before the age of 7, mainly affecting our emotional bodies.

As I have observed an incredible brainwashing onslaught on the way we as a collective have come to view our emotions.

Collectively we are trained to not just look at emotions as inferior to the intellect, but demonize them as unmanageable, forces to be kept under tight control, streamlining us into addiction, dissociation and a general attitude of often total repression. I would say that there is a mainstream perspective that indicates that there is no rational, no “in charge” navigation possible that would enable us to plough the emotional landscapes as creators, rather than victims.

I was totally guilty of that myself and it took a total breakdown to reverse me into understanding that actually the opposite is true.

I personally would distinguish emotions (pertaining to the body) from feelings (access keys to an awakened heart), yet i also have come to believe that this much sought after access to the heart is the result of clearing emotional debris and trauma from the body.

We are feeling creatures, just as much as we are equipped with a reasoning logical mind, both are relevant and important and the secret is how to consciously marry the heart and the mind into a sacred marriage.


You just gotta understand that the strategies with which we can effectively go through even the darker storms and those much discussed “dark nights of the soul” are entirely different from the way the mental body operates.

E-motions flow, that is in fact their very nature and in order to release stuck trauma and free ourselves from the shackles of our everyday addictions we simply need to be OK with feeling again, however uncomfortable and scary the emerging emotion may look on a surface level.

It has been in fact the very lack of jugdment, aka the conscious refusal to over-identify with the emotional data and therefore the lack of resistence towards the sensation coming up, that has enabled me to swiftly sail stormy emotional waves (often swirling tornados completely turning me upside down, having me quite literally die to the old to be ressurected a few times later, landing back on my feet, safely, unwavering and yes feeling MUCH better).


I really can't emphasize enough just how important it is to remember that the mental body here serves as a willing witness, facilitator and adult provider of a secure space while the emotion is allowed to come up with none of the usual judgmental interference that will essentially sabotage the process of clearance and has to be watched at all times!

Now according to the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, until the age of 7 we are merely recording machines of the information all around us, we absorb like psychic sponges the programming descending onto us from all angles starting from day 1, with no real ability to mentally distinguish if any of the incoming data is valuable for our sense of well being.

Our neo cortex responsible for cognitive abilities is not even formed before age 7, our developing brains go from deep delta (brainwave state indicating dreamless sleep) to theta (dream state) to alpha (highly creative while totally susceptible to hypnosis), making us super open to all dysfunctionalities that may be present in our primary caregiving and early educational life environments.

I have found that starting to pay attention to how I feel AND allowing this feeling to simply pass through me is (rather than analyzing and endlessly re-looping our attachments with chronic emotional states) is another highly potent empowerment tool towards clearing out root causes of suffering for good.

Again just because it is such a vital key:

This takes a bit of training and the conscious discipline to employ our mental aspects to simply guarantee a space of safety and non-judgment NO MATTER WHAT.


In recent years a few simple healing modalities have emerged

that have the capacity to aid  “Emotional processing”:


@ The emotion code by Dr Brad Nelson


@ The emotional Freedom technique (EFT)


Having used this particular tool extensively myself, I have written an entire blog entry about how to get the best results, Please find it HERE 

@ Amongst the many now available techniques out there, i have also found this incredibly powerful emotional release technique very helpful, where you simply plac the entire spectrum of your fingertips on both hands on each side of your forehead, while focusing on whatever maybe stressing you at this point.

Please find a link explaining and visualising this technique HERE


@ The Heart Math Institute  

using scientific methids and research to demonstrate just how important the Heart intelligence is for our sense of overall health and well-being


@ Dr Bruce Lipton, his whole body of work is so profoundly empowering, affecting many areas in our lives that I really recommend checking out the various broad spectrumed applications of "Epigenetics" and the way of our beliefs quite literally produce our lives.





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