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I have been writing ever since my early teens....

this particular piece emerged  like many others in the momentum of one single streaming session 

and was designed to win a price in a poetry competition (didnt quite happen:)


My brother commented :" Mona you just wrote another one of your political pamphlets",

and mee thinks:  Yes my dear that's just how i roll!

Transcription of "Sometimes you have to stir the Waters"

Sometimes you have to stir the waters


The waters have been calling me a long time

From the deep ends I can hear their silence echoing through my trembling body

Their snakes. Green and heavy

sliding right underneath the shimmering surface

of my carefully polished facades

They are guarding the portals of ancient times

They have been calling me forever


How pathetic and embarrassingly intense.

Can’t you get a grip you said..

With your erected voice cutting into my flesh again and again

Until I start bleeding on the stakes of my own tribunals.


From the fires of dawn

To the edges of my washing machine

I know your voice inside out

Like a hungry child listening

To your soothing tunes

of false security and sedated comfort

Uninterrupted streams of unquestioned self loathing

Mediocrity that keeps pouring

from your song sheets of normality

The fear of what others may think

is controlling our cellular memory banks

like liquidised people police inside of me.


All over me like a second skin

Forever directing our dramas

in the universal plays of theatre earth

There are deadened robots everywhere

Scared to death of one another

Hell they say is other people

Hell I say

is being Hamster-wheeled through our own lives as if

We had forgotten the splendid radiance

Emanating from every pore of our intrinsic divinity


Chronic conditions of habitual self hate

Fervently oiling the wheels

of our collective egoic madness


How dare we keep dismissing our souls’ calling,

So we can be ligned up

Like dumbed down battery chickens

Awaiting their fate in docile obedience.

Frozen sculptures captured in a lifeless dream world

Consuming substituted nothingness


How dare we allow cynicism

To govern our speech and silence our voices


How dare we belittle the perennial wisdom

of our hearts

And instead signing our most fundamental rights

Over to big daddies, self declared experts and other quacksalbers


How dare we keep ignoring the god portals within

Closing down the highways of direct experience

Of intergalactic exchange with the-all-that-ever-was-is-and-will-be

In the blink of a blind eye


How dare we keep forgetting that we have come here

To remember who we really are


Unique expressions of source energy

Eternally becoming and forever expanding

Into the great wide open of inspired togetherness


How dare we allow ourselves

To get immersed in the programs of powerlessness

Scripting the chains of our collective deceptions

Choosing cheap exits of blame and projection

Choosing to get entangled

In the dramas of our daily slave-master dynamics

Forever distorting the landscapes of our interconnected realities.


How dare we choose to forget

That there always is choice

That every moment arises anew

That through every moment fully lived

We birth a new self

That free will is a gift of the highest order

Accepted by those daring to own its’ responsibilities


How dare we keep complaining

About the miseries

we choose to revisit over and over again

Through foul habits spilling from our undisciplined minds


Roller-coasting our emotional highnoons

into the next quick fix

With life always waiting somewhere around the corner. Elsewhere


How dare we keep fence sitting

In the face of utter injustice

Paralysed from status concerns

Hypnotised by lethal mantras

of making the wrong choice

Out sitting the fact

that we can never jump on the wrong bus anyway

That our apparent mistakes

unfold to be profound teachings instead


How dare we keep running

From what we know to be true

That every devil I meet becomes a friend of mine

That our darkness holds many keys

To open the mysteries and bring down the heavens

Becoming the divine alchemists that we are


When the global shit hits the individual fan

we shall remember

That it is indeed

Our forgotten pain

That makes us vulnerable to abuse

That it is the denial of our own shadows

The refusal to accept and integrate our creative chaos.

That gives all of our power away

Again and again and again again

That it is our fear of being fully responsible

Of becoming who we really are

That has created a sickening global reality

Big brother has always been watching

from the inside of our darkest wounds

Before we launched him into the world

of tangible concentration camps

Divide and conquer according to plan


We are at war with ourselves

Scaling up the hidden signatures of victim hood underlying our fragmented lives

Into what’s been termed omnicide

Omni. All. Everything

Because there needs to be

a fancy new word for everything

Makes it easier to administer technocratic newspeak

Obscuring the facts

remaining painfully obvious

That we are at war with ourselves

Omincide. A world. At war. With life. itself



We wake up whenever we are ready for change.

Real change

Change coming in an instant.

Turning us inside out. Upside down and back again

Grace following our commitment

to stand tall in our own truth

Ignited by a code of honour that respects all of creation

Ready to trust who we are and what we know

Ready to fully align ourselves with brand new choices

Choosing to live life as if it would really matter

Choosing to be here. Now

Daring to show up in our own lives

Choosing to accept life itself as a gift to be lived fully


Life is an interactive art gallery

And we are the experiments

within our very own laboratories

In fact: Isn’t it about time to realise that

Freedom is the choice of

Becoming the ones we have been waiting for forever







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