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Self Inquiry

I would say that the only reason why we incarnate is to be who we really are. This may sound cliché or simple but most of the solutions that have worked for me are actually pretty straight forward,

yet massively obscured by everything thrown onto us in terms of the daily circus of materialistic consumer carrots, survival programming and the general cheap fixes we are offered

to create a surrogate Phantom Self in the painful absence of what is lacking in our lives: Us!


So in order to find out what we are supposed to be doing with our precious time here on this Earth,

I recommend to dive deeper into whatever prevents us from living life from the essence of who we really are and Self inquiry is a an exceptionally potent tool to re-connect with that knowing part of us.


Who am I? And what sustains me on the inside?

Where do I come from?

What is the nature of this reality

And what am I supposed to be doing with my life?


All those massively relevant questions which provide a much needed fundamental framework extending itself into those essential guidelines for your life, allowing you to make decisions swift, allowing you to create a life worth living, yes all those questions are taken out of the official

equations of the reality that is presented to us as the only reality that exists.

Those questions are certainly never part of the curriculum of any mainstream education I have attended, yet they are absolutely crucial to be answered by YOU, rather than being provided by a system that just needs you to become another cog in the wheel.


I myself used to be a fierce and highly skeptical atheist, rejecting religion and later the new cage movement for all the right reasons, yet I was longing to find meaning for the craziness of this planet and me amidst it all.


In many ways many of my own missing links for providing those answers were coming through clearing out emotional trauma.

Even as a child I understood the Matrix from the inside out,

I came into this life KNOWING about all the things I do now have an intellectual vocabulary &

a cognitive context of reference for its scientific “verification”!

However as a child in the early 70ies in Germany I needed to sacrifice this knowledge for the sake of sheer survival in a world that had a systematic disregard for information that was coming from beyond the 5 senses.

I am saying this explicitly to open up a much wider frame of reference needed than the term “Self Inquiry” is suggesting. It’s absolutely crucial to realise that this world is quite literally designed to take you away from being yourself, to direct your focus everywhere else BUT INSIDE.

The founder of a new field of science called Epigenetics Dr Bruce Lipton keeps stating that it would help a great deal in terms of global awakening if the people of this earth would understand that the film the Matrix is not a science fiction movie but a documentary.


I couldn’t agree more! This whole de-humanizing Matrix in fact is one big set up to make you believe that the only relevant authority for your own life is to be found outside of you.  

Who or whatever that may be is completely irrelevant, as long as it’s guaranteeing 

that you are not landing back in the driver seat of your own life.


The Matrix is a control and domination system that is programming us from cradle to grave through our parents, friends and family, religion, the new cage movement with all their self declared gurus, the tempting tentacles of consumer culture all around us suggesting that you are what you have (and that you certainly never have nor are enough!), the educational system with all the Newtonian based old paradigm textbook nonsense, the ever present Media bombardment, Debt slavery and monetary concerns etc

to force us adapting to values we have to start CONSCIOUSLY questioning.


Yes questioning of all it, so we even create the time to ask ourselves who we really are, what it is that we really want and reclaiming our natural born right as Sovereign Creators to do exactly that!


Quantum physics has clearly demonstrated what the ancient wisdom traditions have known since time memorial, that we multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional world and quite literally everything we were taught is indeed factually obsolete!

With that in mind “Self Inquiry” moves to a whole different league of quality questioning,

and it opens up the field of (Self) exploration into sheer endless possibility.


I have found at the bottom of my own suffering a form of separation consciousness that I believe sponsors all subsequent pre-requisites for endlessly replaying the coordinates for re-looping the despaired collective human condition with all its coordinates: 

Poverty, Powerlessness, Worthlessness and its many dysfunctional off shots.

Separation consciousness is a factual lie, albeit a very persistent one and one that is deliberately broadcasted at us from every angle imaginable from the earliest time onwards.

All collectively organising systems on this planet are rooted in this outdated world view and we as a species have to adjust into a whole new reality of factual interconnectedness, of an underlying intrinsic unity of all creation.

This whole paradigm shift massively impacts everything, on all levels and is not just as an important sounding intellectual piece of information but has to be applied now in practical terms! and down to the very “Self inquiring” perspective we now must employ when we truly want to be successful in stitching back together our highly fragmented lives into much desired wholeness.

Keeping all of the above in mind I would like to emphasise a few vital Ingredients that work for me in terms of productively engaging those 4 questions in a way

that confusion, paranoia and giving away one’s power can be a avoided.


@ No-one, that is NO-ONE has all the answers, and especially not those claiming it to be found in their presence only/ in that one book/ product/ pathway/ recipe that essentially asks you to follow THEIR DOGMA while sacrificing what’s right for you.

Every good mentor/ teacher will ALWAYS guide you back to yourself, asking you to listen to and become your own greatest authority, even if that means you are not ready to go further, that you will be exploring life else where and without them and not sign up for their however promising reality tunnel.

An enlightened perspective DOES recognize that we keep forever expanding, in as much as so-called enlightenment is no resting place just a place of greater awareness!


@ Shadow work is absolutely crucial if you want to start assembling the ALL of you rather than tiptoeing around your own bush and seeking shelter in those readily available addiction pathways everywhere.

There is a saying that GOD enter us through our wounds and here you will find the greatest buried blessings and lost treasures that endow us with the courage

to actually walk your path rather than talk about it!

A good way to start is to evaluate the conflicts in our lives, especially the chronic and re-occurring ones and diving right into where repressed and denied aspects of ourselves driving our destructive participation in it.

Shadow work means consciously going where it hurts the most, there is no quicker way to retrieve those stuck, suppressed, often massively traumatized aspects of ourselves.

Nothing is more scary before you understand just HOW super rewarding this type of work truly is!

Please have a look at the emotional release section for more of this


@ Everything is about the intention of why you are doing something. Energetically it makes a huge difference in your actual system if you do your militant exercise regime from a place of shame (-based perfectionism) or because you really desire pushing yourself hard because you enjoy it so much and want to test what your body, your system is capable of doing!


@ Life on this planet is a paradox! and keeping that in mind

has made my own life with all its challenges so much easier.

What I mean with is that challenges are more readily mastered if we decide to stop to see everything in black OR white.

It usually does nothing but promote victim consciousness (often masked as blame.)

This is even true with what may be termed as the dark hidden hand controlling affairs on this planet,

as “they” are only able to presume ownership over the planet and their “human livestock” because – the human collective- has been leaving a power vacuum though our ow denial of “creator” responsibility.

So personally I keep referring to them as our master teachers!

And to get to yet another bottom line where two apparently opposing “truths” can comfortably sit in one boat: We are eternal spirits travelling the galaxies and we are coming into this incarnation for a ride,

and BOTH of these perspectives, divine and human are relevant and true.

Personally it allows me time and time again to abstract from earthly struggles and view it all through a lens that feeds much more actual possibilities back into my tool box of action of my currently incarnated 3D Avatar Self right here in my eternal NOW.

It allows de-attachment AND humour (that big life saver) from all sort of hypnotic “identity” constituents such a Gender, our Youth and Beauty, our ethnic origin and Culture of (Earth-) origin (this time around), our professional status, what others think about us, the ups and the downs of every day life and all the material possessions we keep amassing and clinging onto.

Especially when we ought to let go of it through life’s circumstances and/or death (otherwise known as leaving the body suit we took on temporarily and going elsewhere for other adventures).

Holding both perspectives in a counter-balancing-informing-each other-sort-of-modus-operandi has proven a huge monumental life changer for me.


@ The fear of what others may think about you or not) is one of the biggest invisible prison cells we all are sitting in and consciously challenging the parameters of this prison by addressing all underlying themes that keep you in there is HUGE and therefore hugely transformational if you are serious about walking this planet free.

All programs however personal they may feel are ultimately just that: dysfunctional programs!

designed to keep the human condition in check and they are much easier to be cleared if this wider neutral perspective is kept present while “going into the eye of the emotional hurricane and feeling what may have been suppressed since you were a kid. 

I am about to write an essay about the pride / shame axis that, from my personal direct and observational experience controls so many of our imbalanced relationship dynamics, both on the outside as well as within our highly fragmented inner Selves, where you will often meet a "superior" aspect (usually associated with you mental body controlling the so-called weaker, "inferior" aspects (usually associated with the child self and many of our traumatised emotional wounds). Bear in mind that this IS a mere reflection, often completely unquestioned programmed value hierachy that you (just like most other people) have unconsciously adapted from "the Matrix"! 


@ There are no mistakes!!! Only informational feedback loops and course correcting measurements taken accordingly and that is pretty much the best way to maximize fun and actual learning around pretty much everything in life. Please view the Creator consciousness section of the Arthouse HERE


@ Shamanic use of Plant medicine such as Iboga, Ayuwasca and Kambo.

This is an explosive subject and with the latest tourism around those extremely potent plant teachers, the shadow aspects and potential repercussions are MASSIVE.

Ranging from self declared baby shamans who often ain’t got a clue around how to hold ceremonial space to prevent entities from freely marching in through inter-dimensional portals created with the ingestion of the plant, entities who attach themselves through open (mostly unaware) invitation to naïve participants, all of which causing major upheaval in its wake

over to narcissistic Ego driven self declared gurus conducting those ceremonies with very little indepth (self-) awareness and exploitatively capitalize on the despair that drives many to seek help and healing from the plant spirit.

It is from direct experience that I would recommend everybody planning to use those plants to thorough investigate the following:


- Am I prepared to approach the plant spirit from a place of victimhood, willing to give my power away

  (to the plant, the individual facilitating the ceremony) or do I come forward as the accountable creator of   my own reality, hence co-creating an overall atmosphere where a deep insightful and massively self           transformational journey can start. 

- Am I prepared to take necessary precautionary steps to prepare myself for this initiation (aka fasting         beforehand, getting clear on my own intention(s) and ensuring the safe ceremonial proceedings) and         even more important am I prepared to anchor those insights through daily discipline and consistent new   empowered choices rather than starting to tour the many opportunities now on offer to immediately go     on the next instant gratification trip .

 - Do I have an understanding about psychic hygiene and how keep my own space, both inner and outer       clean and free from interference. Ocassionally I have used iboga in micro dosages, it definitly is a mood     stabilizer and self inquiring aid in co-creative collaboration (again not to be replaced by the actual             active work you are putting in). 

- Am I aware that ultimatimatly my ACTIVATED multidimensional Self is acting like a living beautiful             pharmacy, providing all chemical door openers into greater awareness and YES coming back to my           mantra: Am I prepared to abstain from misusing quick fixes and other crotches available everywhere and   put the actual time, energy and discipline in to make it work from the inside out?


@ The Art of Lucid Dreaming

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

I am a total proponent of lucid dreaming even though I haven’t had a lucid dream since I was a child for exactly the same reason of why I am now still blocking my innate capacity to become conscious in my own dream.

I have had constant "visitations" as a child, with portals opening up, entities coming in and out and me being dragged into those portals for astral programming, trauma based mind-control and intense systemic energy harvesting that would last over many years until I recently started to break all agreements.

I know we quite literally create our so-called waking reality in your own dreams and not being conscious while you are asleep plus (whats mostly happening in close conjunction with this) having mostly zero understanding of how to protect your dream-space from unwanted targeting makes us open while sleeping towards being harvested from who-ever may have an interest to turn you into their energetic food supply.

There are many traditions and schools out there. I myself have started to study with both of the following:


Sergio Magana, who brought forward ancient dreaming practice known in Mexican Toltec tradition and

Robert Moss the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism

The techniques, practices I am learning and general eye opening insights I am acquiring through this particular path through daily aplication are invaluable and life-changing and its definetely worth to be looked into.




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