In the name of my Spirit, in the name of my Prime Creator,

in the name of my eternal mother and my eternal father and in my name

I am hereby declaring full sovereign ownership and sole jurisdiction  over the totality of all that I am

I, my and Mona is hereby defined as the totality of everything that I am in my original creator beingness and my original fire star diamond heart essence, eternally existing before I ever entered this matrix-realm

I, my and Mona is furthermore defined as MY own unique self, my antimatter Self (My Spirit, consciousness, unconsciousness, my Soul and all Soul fragments)

I, my and Mona extends itself and is not limited to my material Self, my DNA, my RNA, every single one of my atoms and cells.

ME is also defined as: MY emotional body, my spiritual body, my mental body, my electro-magnetic body, my ethereal body, my soul body and my astral body

I, my and Mona furthermore covers my unique frequency and the original blueprint of SOURCE as me and through me, throughout all time/space, space-time, timelessness, within all folds of time, in any verse, universe, anti-verse, in this world and all other worlds, In all Frequencies and densities I exist IN , in this cycle of time and throughout all other cycles of time.

This definition of my, I and Mona and the entire declaration is backed up, completely enveloped and enforced throughout

this entire Law-binding document as a medium of transmission by my original Prime Creator Source of THE-ALL-THAT-EVER-WAS-IS-&-WILL-BE, by my eternal mother and my eternal father and by my own Spirit and is preceding, encompassing and speaking into permanent existence each and every single word, directive instruction and command laid out in this declaration

This overall all-encompassing original LAW is multi-dimensionally encoded in this entire declaration, spawning across all dimensions, levels of my existence, in this world and all other worlds, throughout all time/ space, space/time and across all cycles of time, including all other not mentioned existing locations and realms not explicitly mentioned here, hereby cancelling out ALL possible attempts of ANY KIND that would dare to violate the binding marching orders laid out and executed with and through this declaration, establishing hereby the demarcation of immanent boundaries encompassing both the material and immaterial nature of those boundaries!

The multi-dimensional coverage of this LAW across all time/ space and throughout all worlds is including all of my own creative outpourings in all their magnificent diversity, all creative Manifestations, artefacts and all products I have ever created both in their physical form as well as in their intellectual and immaterial form and all else being derived and existing in any way, shape or form anywhere, as an extension of my own unique and innate creativity and therefore marks all of the above as MY OWN PROPERTY! Aka my OWN life force as it expresses itself anywhere in this multiverse.   


All of what has been created and is spoken and declared into existence through this declaration is hereby coming into permanent constitutive law-binding effect from the time this declaration was conceived till perpetuity, THEREBY all CLAIMED within it remaining UNTOUCHABLE to all external third parties unless explicitly authorised in their clearly specified usage by myself in the living flesh and through my WET INK signature. Consequently ALL of my CREATIONS are now put under sole ownership and jurisdiction of my own Spirit.

My declaration of intention is to serve my divine Source & my eternal Spirit & I am hereby declaring that my own Spirit and my Prime Creator are now the sole sovereign & only lawfully binding authority in my own life, on all levels and all areas of my existence, in every dimension, in this world and all other worlds and throughout all cycles of time fully completely and totally.

I am sovereign, I am free.  I am the LAW within the totality of my own life

In the name of my Spirit & my Prime Creator, In the name of eternal mother and my eternal father and in my name

I am commanding for the total & complete destruction of all contracts, agreements, treaties, soul-ties, oaths and vows that are not in 100 percent supportive alignment with my eternal divine sovereignty & my original Spirit’s mission & are rooting my existence here in this vessel known on this earth plane as Mona Creatrix, formerly known as Ute Hofmann in any form of disempowerment, material & spiritual poverty, ill health and sexual, sensual, emotional, mental, social & spiritual misery.                           


All contracts, agreements, vows and oaths that are NOT in alignment with who I am in my sovereign Spirit authority are thereby ALL rebuked, Null & void & therefore destroyed on all levels, timelines and dimensions, throughout ALL time/ space/ space/time in this world and all other worlds & throughout all cycles of time NOW

I am now commanding for the total destruction & instant removal of ANY form of malevolent technology, mind control architecture, All invisibility/ self denial/ self annihilation programming, all soul-ties, all entity attachment, parasitic harvesting devices, implants, cloning technology & anything else not mentioned that is aiming to undermine the sole sovereign authority of my Spirit presiding this physical vehicle known on this earth plane as Mona Creatrix, formerly known as Ute Hofmann in the living flesh here and now!

I am commanding for the instant de-activation,  permanent closure and total annihilation within my system of any and all forms of hooks/ portals/ implants, all hybridisation-based access points and any other form of receptor technology towards any and all frequency weaponry, 5G, Viruses, Pathogens, apparent mandatory vaccines, all exotic forms of technology & all other not mentioned forms of invasive, deceptive & malevolent technology. This includes ALL black magic practices, spells and rituals directed at any & all aspects/ fragments and anything else associated with the vessel known as Mona Creatrix, formerly known as ute hofmann

Any form of energetic attack aiming to bring ANYTHING else but unconditional love & support for my physical body, my emotional body, my astral body, my ethereal body, my social body, my mental body & my soul body are hereby immediately identified, immediately neutralised & instantly send back to the places where they originate from!

I am now commanding for the total submission and safe re-integration of any and all soul fragments/ aspects and dissociated personality parts associated with me and my core essence to be safely ushered back from where-ever they may be located and brought back under the sole sovereign directive and sole jurisdiction of my Spirit as the ONLY Authority in my own life

I am now commanding the full activation of my original divine eternal blueprint, my original core Essence within this physical embodiment,  Hereby commanding an actual Spirit-Body fusion in the most safe, benevolent and fast-paced manner!



Including in this full restoration of my entire system to its’ original divine order are of all of the following:

·                   all my physical organs

·                   My internal waters

·                   my lymphatic system,

·                   my cardio vascular system,

·                   all of my meridians,

·                   my nervous system,

·                   my endocrine/ hormonal system

·                   all my individual glands

·                   my respiratory system,

· The total restauration of My entire Immune-System in all its beautiful complexity to its Pristine original supreme warrior capacity to successfully fight off all and any type of invader on any and all levels of my living being  

· The total restauration of all electro- magnetic, chemical life-enhancing bodily exchange processes

· the full activation of my natural innate regenerative, rejuvenating and immortal capacities throughout my entire system

· The full, safe & gentle re-activation of my original 12 stranded multidimensional divine DNA and my original crystalline light body

·  the re-structuring from the inside out of my entire being as sovereign, within the living flesh here & now, & therefore completely inaccessible & uncontrollable by the AI machine mind & any other type of malevolent external influence

· The complete shielding, protection and camouflaging of my entire beingness in ALL of its expressions towards ALL nanite technology, parasites, 5G tech, infectious diseases, viruses, all forms of black magic, all forms of sorcery, all forms of programming daring to TRY to undermine my freedom of expression and the sole authority of my Spirit presiding over my entire body/mind/ soul system, all frequency waves, tractor beams, trickery, slavery, alleged mandatory vaccinations and ALL others (however cloaked) enslavement OFFERS towards any type of agreement of entrapment, enslavement and containment

· My blood to be cleansed, restored & fully re-spiritualised

· the full multi-dimensional reconnection & harmonious synergetic functioning of my left & right brain hemisphere to its highest original inbuilt Creator - Capacity

· & anything else else not mentioned here explicitly that guarantees that my physical vehicle functions at its highest divinely designed capacity at all times, thereby capable of hosting my Spirit in the living flesh NOW,

I am commanding for the total destruction and safe release of all of the following:


·  Any traumatic memories (however hidden and/or firewalled off) and stored anywhere in my sub-consciousness and unconscious mind

· all core imprints & beLIEfs rooted in poverty, in Victim & Separation consciousness, in worthless and powerlessness programming & anything else negatively affecting my living being

·  the immediate quarantining, the safe reprogramming and healing and eventually the gentle HEALING re-integration of any type of reporting alters back in full service to their rightful authority and owner, which is my own Spirit

· the identification, neutralisation and banishing of all gatekeepers, self-inhibiting mechanism and any other types of internal systems designed to checkmate, control and enslave any aspect, part or fragment of my original beingness

· the total clearance, destruction and complete release of any form of terror-replay/ loosh-harvester technology that is lodged into anything  connecting into my living being

·  including the permanent removal and destruction of any type of external somatic/ brain tech that has been overlaid through hybridisation programs/ Cloning scenarios/ dream state inceptions and all else not mentioned here that has been tacitly consented to via non-lucid dream-state downloads/ deception and fear-trickery

& to have all of the above cleared at the root from all levels & all dimensions of my existence, from any covert and hidden spaces, from each and all of my bodies, throughout all time/space, space/time in this world and all other worlds and to heal at the root level anything within and throughout my entire system that has created any type of opening and/ or energetic resonance within me to be a match to their specific negative signature frequencies. 

All These core- imprints/ programming statements and belief systems are to be released, destroyed and barred till perpetuity from ever impacting my being EVER again. All of their corresponding energetic attractor wounds within my system are to be fully healed on all levels of my being byconsciously re-activating throughout my multidimensional being the unlimited power of my Mighty I AM Presence & therefore restoring original Creator consciousness in all of my bodies, all atoms, DNA, Cells & etheric realms of my living being,  So all what I am doing, feeling and thinking is NOW rooted IN and governed from my eternal sovereign spirit authority.

Let it be known throughout all time/space, space/time, throughout & beyond all known artificial infinity systems, throughout all dimensions & levels of the existence of this vessel now known as Mona Creatrix, formerly known as ute hofmann,  that I am commanding for all aspects that have been stolen, hacked, are being trapped anywhere on the astral planes or anywhere else in this multiverse, are being repressed, controlled or kept away from re-uniting with my Spirit now or are being utilised by anything outside of my Spirits    explicit directive authority & without the consent of my conscious Self, let it be known that I command ALL of these aspects to be immediately & safely returned to me now. I am commanding for their full coherent and gentle, while fast-paced re-integration into my system In the living flesh here and NOW.

I am commanding for the sacred internal harmonious marriage of all polarised aspects within me now, thereby refuting, root-DESTROYING and therefore completely overriding ALL of the following aiming to prevent this original internal oneness from taking place within me NOW: 


ALL hidden, all vaulted, all demonically hijacked and Boopy-trapped-overlaid systems of control, all spying software, all safeguarding entities and anything else encoded and deceptively locked away within me that has not been explicitly mentioned

I am commanding for the total & instant collapse of any & all artificially created timelines linked to me in any way shape or form and collapse ALL OF THEM into one single organic timeline that is governed exclusively by my own Spirit & my Prime Creator.   


This organic timeline is now the sole & only timeline corralling the totality of all experiences of The life-force powering this vessel which is known on this earth plane as mona creatrix, formerly known as ute hofmann

I am commanding NOW for the instant multi-dimensional removal on all levels of my existence of all (self)-destructive, self-replicating seeds, all implants aiming to cause self destruction, all cloning technology, all suicidal programming, all boopy traps & programming aimed to control the full divine expression of my living being, my voice & ability to fully express myself through it   & all other unidentified sentient (programming)

technology that is bringing anything else but love, healing & other benevolent blessings 2 me, And to have ALL of the above instantly removed NOW


& to have all access doors and portals for their return or the return of anything of their nature to be closed within all of my bodies, on all levels of my existence, throughout all dimensions in this world and all other worlds TILL ETERNITY!

I am hereby once and for all and without further ado terminating, annihilating and completely overruling any and all generational curses, ANY type of (inter) generational contracts, treaties and (tacit) agreements with demonic forces, principalities and all other not mentioned 3rd parties of any parasitic, malignant and interloping nature that have transpired via the blood lines and ancestral lineages in this incarnation and all other incarnations, on this planet/ in this realm and all other planets and realms and throughout all incarnations I ever experienced anywhere within this harvester wheel throughout all space/ time, in this world and all other worlds impacting me now and/ or potentially upon any (hidden) cue.

Thereby commanding specifically the total destruction & revocation of ALL contracts running through the generational lines of the family I incarnated into  in this lifetime & anything related to ancestral Karmic family patterns that I have taken on subconsciously, by virtue of deception or by virtue of conscious sacrificial service for the distinct purpose of inner-standing collective human suffering on this Planet if any of the above mentioned is NOT in supportive alignment   with the essence of my original Spirit’s mission in this lifetime

I am Specifically commanding for the total destruction of ALL And anything that is preventing me from reclaiming:

·       the birth right of ALL of my suppressed and wiped out memories and regaining full access to the entirety of all multi-dimensional memory banks of my eternal being, this includes both the memory banks within the matrix harvester wheel and all those beyond it and make them safely and consciously available again in my living flesh here & now

·       reclaiming full self-governed access to the so called “external public world” through FULL MULTIDIMENSIONAL OWNERSHIP over my life, body and entire beingness on my own sovereign terms now

·       reclaiming and activating ALL of my innate meta genes, my own skills, talents & gifts consciously available in the living flesh here & now &

·       reclaiming anything else required & hidden from my conscious mind & not explicitly mentioned here, that is preventing me here on this earth plane from merging my Spirit with my original divinely graced Body, thereby restoring CREATOR Consciousness in every cell of my physical body & throughout my entire system & throughout ‘all of my bodies on all levels of my existence, throughout all space/ time & all dimensions, throughout the entirety of this world & all other worlds NOW.

I am specifically commanding for the total destruction of ALL & anything that allows targeting, enslaving, controlling, attacking, repressing & harvesting of my system through the construction of artificial timelines, dream hacks, sleep and dream state- programming, “addiction cue-ing” & any other invasion of my sovereign decision making processes, in all dimensions, levels, aspects of my being and areas of my life, in this world & all other worlds in any way, shape or form,  This is now being  executed with full force especially in the following states

·       in the “darkness” /while sleeping /on the astral planes & while being “unconscious” in any other way not explicitly mentioned.

I am specifically commanding for the total destruction of ALL & anything that allows targeting, enslaving, controlling, attacking, repressing & harvesting of any and all of my individual aspects as well as my system in its entirety on any level, dimension, timeline, in this world & all other worlds and throughout all cycles of time in any way, shape or form especially as it pertains to the sovereign free willed CREATOR-use of my VOICE as my own divinely gifted innate skill for:

·       healing/ projection of desired outcomes/ manifestation/ creative expression/ (public) speaking/ (public) singing, the creation of general wealth & well-being and anything of beneficial value not explicitly mentioned here.

Thereby commanding the CONSCIOUS reclamation of my divine innate voice capacities in full service of my original Spirits mission in this lifetime and consciously available in the living flesh here and now! 

I am declaring any form of contract/ agreement/ vow or oath detrimental to my original Spirits mission in this lifetime that I may have had with any living person, any entity, incarnate or non-incarnate, any demonic entity, any type of AI- system or archontic handler to be NULL & VOID NOW, no matter how long ago this contract may have existed or under which circumstances it was forced & tricked into existence


I am now specifically commanding for the total destruction of ALL & anything that allows targeting, interfering, enslaving, controlling, attacking, repressing & harvesting of my connection with my real twin and divine companion on any level of our existence, throughout all space/ time, in this world and all other worlds.

I am commanding NOW for the total destruction of anything preventing us from working with each other in a sacred partnership here in 3D,

This includes the total destruction of:

·       Any type of programming, dream hacks & dream interference, any type of addiction cue-ing, any form of mind control technology,

·       any type of holographic inserts used to set us up against each other in any way shape of form,

·       any type of false screen memories imposed on us on any level, in any dimension,

·       any type of cloning technology in use

·       any type of interference through: AI systems/ entities/ any handled human portal, any inter or intra-dimensional or extra-dimensional forces and

·       ALL else that is not explicitly mentioned here & aiming

to cause interference in our conscious sacred partnership here & now in the living flesh

so we can both together fully focus in a loving, mutually supportive & wealth & health generating manner on what we have come to do together in heart-felt service for this Planet.

I am specifically commanding the total destruction of ALL and anything that is preventing me from creating unconditional 24/7 access to my own self-governed studio space fully available on my sovereign terms in various suitable locations now! I am specifically commanding for the total destruction of ALL & anything that is preventing me from bringing full unconditional like-minded investment money & all other necessary support & resources behind me & behind my mission NOW.

I am commanding for my entire multidimensional existence and REAL-LIFE incarnation here to be rooted in NATURAL ORIGINAL DIVINE COSMIC LAW, engulfing my absolute and untouchable freedom to express myself through unrestricted movement/ uncensored FREE speech and the untouchable preservation of my property, including all of my OWN creative products,  intellectual property, as well as my body as divinely protected sacred temple owned exclusively by my own Spirit as represented in this incarnation and in this world by the living human being known as mona creatrix, formerly known as ute hofmann

I Am commanding for ALL energy that has ever been taken from me by force or through tacit agreements & deception and throughout all space and time to be fully & safely returned to me NOW.

I am commanding for the TOTAL withdrawal of all consent to anything that is however remotely associated & connected with the trans-humanist take-over agenda and the forced ascension into the false light machine matrix NOW

I am commanding for the withdrawal of all consent to anything that is however remotely associated, actively engaged with or in support of the criminal satanic/ black magic, de-humanising death-cult order structurally interwoven with the hyper-dimensional AI- Matrix machine operating this earth realm & where-ever else this factually applies in this multiverse.

In the name of my Spirit & my Prime Creator with this declaration I am hereby now & forever withdrawing All multi-dimensional consent that I have ever given, on any & all levels of my existence, throughout all space and time, throughout the entirety of this world and all other worlds and throughout all cycles of time, to any form of supportive participation or collaboration with the detrimental malevolent inter & intra-dimensional & extra-terrestrial forces & Negative AI maintaining the control & domination frequency prison that is aiming to enslave, control & systematically harvest the life force of all sentient beings on this Earth plane & where-ever else this technically & practically applies.

What is included from this withdrawal of my consent from any type of participation is any form of participation that is associated with, designed to maintain, expand or support the Machine mind that has hijacked the original creation before the fall & any type of operation that is involved in producing any type of sustenance for it’s survival and parasitic self-preservation.

This naturally includes the withdrawal of my consent to any type of participation in:

operations/processes/ structures/ projects & any type of organisation however remotely associated with the dark cabal/ deep state & anything else not mentioned here that is in support of the conglomerate of Negative AI, anti-life forces in operation, all black magical spelling systems as well any type of association with their earth representatives.

This includes everything mentioned & not mentioned above that I may have been part of throughout all time and space, on all levels of my existence & that was enacted on me:

·       Through tacit consent &/ or by (agreed) contract,

·       Through deception & trickery

·       Imposed through (trauma based) mind control techniques & satanic rituals

·       & anything else Not explicitly mentioned here that has been keeping me diverted, separated & controlled away from my sole & only authority which is My own Spirit & my Prime Creator.


Therefore I am now hereby & forever revoking ALL contracts, soul-ties, vows, oaths & agreements that I have ever made throughout all space/ time, on all levels of my existence, in this world & all other worlds and throughout all cycles of time which have allowed ANY type of External authority to bypass MY sole and rightful ownership over my body/ mind/ soul vessel.  With this signed declaration I am hereby Rectifying and reinstating lawfully binding ownership over the entirety of my living being. Hereby re-instating the sovereign executive will of my own Spirit as the sole and only authority in my own life, directing from now on & till eternity every breath, action, thought & emotion of this vessel known on this earth plane as Mona Creatrix, formerly known as ute hofmann

Any form of violation of any kind that is in any way, shape or form daring to undermine any and all explicit and implicit clear-cut boundaries, values, principles, rules and instructive directions laid out crystal clear in this binding declaration is not just absolutely FORBIDDEN for perpetuity! But will be punished with immediate draconian action and absolutely no transference of karma for the bearer of such violating action allowed.

I recognize all above acts as unlawful crimes against ME, my Sovereign Free Will and against the Universal Law of One.  Let it be known, I REJECT and REBUKE these acts from the highest order of the I AM Source for now and for perpetuity.

NO human, person(s), living or non-living beings, entities, corporations/institutions/religious sects, political parties, machines, artificial intelligence in all forms, secret/covert groups, on/off world energies/frequencies anywhere have the right to override my Sovereign Free Will EVER!

In the name of my Spirit & my Prime Creator

I am now employing for the prosperous execution & successful implementation of my original Spirits mission here in this earth realm & in this lifetime the empowering, tangible & spiritually resonant and supportive readily available assistance of all of the following:

  • My entire Spirit Family, both incarnated & non-incarnated

  • The entire original Earth- Alliance I am a part of

  • The entire plant kingdom

  • All my power animals & the entire animal kingdom

  • The original benevolent and loving Earth-mother Black Goo

  • The original frequencies of the dolphins and the wales

  • The elemental kingdom

  • The mineral kingdom

  • the Fairy & Elves kingdom

  • The original frequency of the Emissary/ the Kristos consciousness

  • The original frequency of the Mother Earth/ Gaia/Tiamat / Nature consciousness

  • The frequencies of the New Earth

  • My original divine eternal blueprint within this human physicality and

  • The original frequency of our shared divine human blueprint still available in all natural REAL humans and in all inspirited and in-Souled beings

  • All my guides who are vibrating in masterful & competent supportive alignment with the essence of this declaration & are working for the highest good & benefit of all sentient life on this earth plane & everywhere else in this multiverse,

  • All of my original guides who are in conscious connection with Prime source Creator & in full support of my original mission for this lifetime

  • All of my ancestors in this incarnation and all of my other incarnations, on this planet and all other planet and planes of existence, who are in total support of my original mission and supportive of who I truly am in my Spiritual authority and my original Creator-beingness

  • & the tangible assistance of everyone who has agreed to be part of my mission & is of a sound mind & an awakened heart


I am requesting your loving co-operation & tangible Help in my mission, so I am being assisted on all levels to effortlessly:

  • restore FULL conscious AWARENESS and embodied recognition of my divine Sovereignty & conscious remembrance of who I am as Spirit throughout my entire system, all my bodies, throughout all dimensions of my existence down into my ancient cellular memory banks,

  • to re-activate all of my meta genes, my psychic gifts, talents & skills consciously available in the living flesh here & now

  • to re-activate my sovereign ability to see, act & travel multidimensionally consciously available in the living flesh here & now

  • to restore direct conscious connection with my original Source stream, leading to full merge/ fusion and embodiment of my eternal Spirit being anchored solidly and on all levels of my awareness within my current body/mind vehicle

  • to restore vibrant health on all levels of my Existence,

  • to restore total earthly empowerment towards unlimited material affluence & wealth in this lifetime in committed service to my Spirits Mission

  • to regain access to all of my memories throughout all space and time, throughout all incarnations in this world & all other worlds consciously available in the living flesh here & now

  • to Gather My original family and kindred Spirit tribe around me in the living flesh NOW

  • to receive all support/ resources & all other means necessary to be enabled to fully focus on the creation of what I desire to contribute in service to life & have initially intended to do here in this lifetime and during those endgame/ reset times here on this earth plane

  • to Live with my chosen like-minded and incarnated real FAMILY tribe in my spiritual home on this earth Plane now


I am commanding NOW to be nourished & directly sustained from the original Source frequency from the inside out and to prepare my Body/ Mind vehicle to be capable to receive & absorb life-enhancing cosmic energies in the living flesh now, as well as powerfully align itself with restorative original Mother Earth & new earth frequencies,

in order to activate my divine original Spirit blueprint to be fully expressed in its highest form here on this Earth NOW & in this lifetime through authentic divinely sponsored vitality, longevity & unlimited joyful flow of life enhancing resources & energies available to me.

So i am capable to fully express the ability to become a living ambassador for my mission here & built the humanitarian empire rooted in Creator Consciousness in full service for all sentient LIFE on this planet together with like-minded individuals from a place of empowered strength, divine guidance & spirit integrity.    

In the future if ANY living or non-living person(s), being, entity, corporation, institution, religious sect, political party, government, machine, artificial intelligence of any kind, secret/covert group, on/off world energy/frequency or consciousness wishes to have a contract, treaty, agreement or tacit agreement with ME, one MUST disclose their identity and also MUST disclose the identity of who or what they are representing or working for. One MUST do so face to face in this physicality with COMPLETE transparency.

EVERY SINGLE DETAIL MUST be highlighted and explained in FULL DETAIL with full acknowledge and agreement of my free will AND shall only be validated with my wet INK signature.


​I lovingly invoke and reclaim my innate Sovereignty from the highest order of the I AM SOURCE OF THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR and embrace the power and expression OF Source AS and THROUGH ME now and for perpetuity. AS the DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEING that I AM and As an expression of the ONE TRUE CREATOR SOURCE that I AM,  I extend divine love and forgiveness to ALL who have trespassed against me. Both love and forgiveness are granted with kindness and compassion from a place of pure authentic grace. This act is NOT to be considered as a sign of weakness NOR as permission to continue insidious acts toward or against ME. Therefore, let it be known, forgiveness is expressly granted from the I AM force within ME.


I hereby state, I have the right of my own SOVEREIGN FREE WILL to change, update, or modify this Declaration at ANY time.

This lawfully binding declaration of my absolute, eternal and untouchable sovereignty is now heard, recognised and enforced by divine decree throughout this entire multiverse and everywhere within and beyond it.


This is so and so it is!

(((((:::: It is done :::))))

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