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With all the 380183013 million known toxins humans are bombarded with now on a daily basis,

it comes as no surprise that the rise of illness is at an all time high.

Through geo-engineering spraying self-assembling nanotechnology etc, heavy food contamination, soil depletion and water laced with the neuro-toxin fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides etc,

the human body is quite literally getting prepared to get hosted from the inside

by an artificial intelligence that is capable to act like a dual passage way:

systematically harvesting out life energy while interfering with our most intimate internal processes:

Yes a global development that is known in the research community as the trans-humanist agenda 

and scary as it may sound we are well capable to counteract this by taking control over our own bodies back away from the pharmaceutical mafia!

So the good news is that it is relatively easy to find the pathway back into health,

once you understand how to get past this frequency of illness and control.

And yes everything just as illness has a particular frequency, so has a healthy body environment.


One of keys seems to be to bring our bodies out of the acidic and into an alkaline environment.


When I was physically collapsing into a total burn out, my body was riddled with an unparalleled candida overgrowth, my liver and gallbladder were packed with stones and I suffered from an adrenal exhaustion that had me lying in bed unable to do much else than contemplating my fate and whether I was ready to get on a more self- responsible track, ready to opt into more self caring life style choices.

I started to systematically detox, one organ at a time, changing my nutrition slowly but surely all while addressing the underlying thought patterns and emotional debris that usually come with those “chronic illness patterns.”

With all the massively conflicting information around different Detoxification protocols and countless nutritional approaches, I can’t tell you THE ONE RECIPE, but point you towards a few quite universal things that allowed me turn my own life around, one of the most important ones certainly becoming attuned enough to pay close attention to what it is that YOUR body needs to start the very natural process of self healing.


In terms of underlying patterns in the emotional AND mental bodies I have found this little list below very resonant with my own experiences in locating themed emotional issues relating to physical pain.

Stomach: Trauma

Liver: Anger

Kidney: Fear 

Lungs: Sadness


I am concentrating on the few things that have caused me massive chronic pain, areas for which I do have developed a certain level of competance and actually cleared up the symptoms.
This is namely chronic fatigue, suicidal depression and massive mood swings, irregular yet when occurring excessive excruciating back pain with the many side effects that come with a totally clogged up liver.



For the liver I used the amazing liver and gallbladder flash by Andreas Moritz, quite aggressive that one, yet efficient to a degree that I (altogether and within by now 16 different cleanse so far) have removed stones that mount to the actual size of 2 full 1 kg sugar packs (they are currently in an air tight container in the very back of my freezer and yes I collected them all coz if don’t see what’s coming out of you, you might not believe it, so YES I strongly recommend this particular protocol and have written a little blog about it which you can find here

Ad Addendum (Dec 2017): I recently heard from a trusted Naturopath that the stones themselves are actually produced by the the recommended supplements that are coming with this Liver detox protocol   and that this evaluation comes from a pharmacist friend of hers who them examined in a lab!

Our digestive System

There is this prominent  saying: all disease starts in the gut!

and through personal experience I would say this is bang on target and most  illnesses (including  so- called mental health issues) are rooted in a digestive system that is completely out of whack and it is from here with a compromised immune system and lots of (emotional trauma) that your imbalanced gut becomes a jumping board for the many illnesses we see everywhere, apparently all unrelated.

So gut health (and getting on top of our world wide FOOD addictions) becomes of paramount importance..


We are talking the restoration of a delicate system that can be both:

leaky AND lined with mucoid Plaque

Mine certainly was!

I recently did a Mucoid Plaque removal protocol that was very effective and can be found HERE


In  regards to the "leaky gut" syndrome, clearing out Candida overgrowth at the root is crucial.

My own journey here was symptomatic for what I keep observing everywhere  in the general poulation 

My own systemic Yeast overgrowth got tested together with Heavy metal Toxicity

at the highest scale of 10 each at the Healing center of the amazing Naturopath Ekkehard Sirian Scheller

This was around 8 years ago and back then I was absolutely NOT READY to really change a damn thing on the emotional frontlines co-causing the conditions for the natural occurring candida bacteria to start growing like crazy and evacuate themselves from the my gut, travelling via the bloodstream literally everywhere, able to infest all major organs, causing major havoc in our systems.

I am explicitly pointing this out as the official reasons for this widespread condition affecting some speculated 70% of the global population are mostly linked with high sugar diets, antibiotics, birth control pill, steroids, when usually there are massive emotional precursors and often massive trauma present leading to destructive lifestyle choices, a vacant physical vehicle (due to unresolved trauma) and therefore creating a perfect hosting environment for any parasitical entity to take over.

In the end it always seems to lead back to the same thing: reframing our so called challenges as the blessings towards wholeness that they have always been, asking us through the major conflicts and challenges in our lives to take back responsibility by becoming fully accountable for all our creations.

There is an easy self diagnostic tool available to test if you have Candida,

It’s called the spit test and what you do is (on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning you spit in a water filled glass and watch if the spit starts turning into little octopus arms sinking to the floor, rather than staying on the surface of the water. If this shows positive you got the unhealthy overgrowth type of candida. How totally accurate that really is, I am not sure


So coming back to my own Candida good bye protocols, through kinesiological muscle testing I have established that personally I’m ok with fruit sugar at this stage of my healing journey,

which was different from 8 years ago when I was for 9 months on the strictest Candida diet imaginable and things only got worse, which made me seek the assistance of the aforementioned Ekkehard Scheller, who is specialized helping “terminal cases`’ back into healing and who detected through the use of dark microscopy that my Candida was so bad that it was literally hiding inside my blood cells, totally masked, fused with severe heavy metal toxicity and unwilling to go.

I am just mentioning this to emphasize again that there is no ONE RECIPE that works for everybody!


So this time around I decided to go on a liquid cleanse for 40 days plus until I feel I am done with it. Here we are talking, juices, lots of herbal teas, hand made vegetable soups (I prepare in batches and put a portion each time in the blender to liquidize it) and lots of different smoothies , often packed with superfoods, dates,  fruits/ greens, maybe some raw honey possibly an avocado, some nuts and seed, raw coconut oil and chia for the good fats and medicinal mushrooms. I am not following any recipe here, but simple prepare each smoothie how I may feel in this particular moment, creating wild combinations, often quite surprised of just how tasy the result of my imaginative culinary experiments are tasting.


During my preparation for it I have found a few good sources, one of them in particular worth mentioning as this woman is a qualified naturopath and extremely passionate to share her thorough research (based on much of her own  incredible healing journey) in a  very comprehensive way  here:

From her I got the tip to include the following (all of the listed ones below  very economic, unlike many other supplements):

  1. Diametecous Earth (a type of silica based clay effectively clearing toxins from your digestive system and taken in the night before going to sleep)

  2. Oral Salt water infusion (I take 1 liter in the morning on an empty stomach, before I take the Triphalia – mixed with water-) this salt water infusion, known as Sole is separately prepared and then simply added to the water. I usually have ¾ water and ¼ sole. This is a heavy duty procedure, where you better make sure you have at least 1 hour after initially tp spare after drinking it because you quite literally wont be able to move away far from the toilet. Just sayin! 

  3. Triaphalia (an extremely bitter Ayuvedic compilation-type substance comprised of three different herbs, all of them potent in restoring good health, taken on an empty stomach)


As part of the antifungal fighter brigades I also vary amongst the following:

* Oil of the oregano

* MSM (magical mineral supplement) Make sure you get your supply from a site that is authenticated by Jim Humble

* MMS (work towards taken in high dosages as a remover of toxin in general)

* Grape seed extract (which is very recommendable for digestive upset in general)

* And Pau d’ Arco tea

And often a daily green drink spiked with a lot of chlorella and spirulina (please see drinks below) to specifically remove the Heavy metal toxins


ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CANDIDA CLEARANCE PROTOCOLS, includes the use of Natural organic 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine AND sugar. That's right.

HERE is the protocol and HERE is an interview with Dr Jennifer Daniels, the amazing physician that re-covered natural turpentine (as opposed to what we have come to understand of Turpentine as a chemical laced paint thinner)  

Ad Addendum (Dec 2017) recently I have come across Sulphur as a gut restoring tool of the highest order and yes with all the experimentation I have personally done to clear out my long standing Candida I had never even heard  about what I consider god-sent, especially as it is so inexpensive that literally everyone CAN afford it...

It was the research of the raw vegan doctor Karl Probst (based in Germany) advocating this very simple very easy to access detox method and his degree of personal integrity that had me try something that seems silenced and demonised in direct proportion to its efficiency AND affordability (both obviously making it a key enemy Big Pharma)


Additionally I have completely amped up certain vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to help my body to replenish: for me this translates into high dosages of vitamin B in particular niacin (vitamin B6, which works wonders on depressive states), Vitamin D, plant based Vitamin C from the Amlika or Camu Camu berry, 1-2 tablespoons of Sole, the mineralized salt solution (even before I went on the salt water flush I am currently doing(which is more of a temporary thing) I take my regular tablespoon of Sole in the morning), high dosages of Magnesium, Lots of zinc and chromium and an alkalizing, iron rich drink (see below)


On the probiotic restoration side of things, I take a high potency probiotic. An olive leaf supplement and additionally some kambucha and a daily smoothie made from kefir, both of the last two I make myself through readily available starter cultures you can buy online.


Detox drinks (I prepare them all in my little Nutri blast in under 1 minute and mostly use a herbal base in the form of a tea that I usually brew 2-3 times a week and fill up in glass containers, the kinds of herbs are varying, depending on what I am intending to achieve)


The booster

Turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, tiny bit of raw coconut oil, one whole lemon (make sure you put the black pepper and the healthy fat into the mixture to allow much better absorption of the Tumeric)


The alkaliser

Raw molasses, baking soda


The mineralizer (sole)

In an empty jar: mix water and lots of quality sea or rock salt, shake well, let it sit over to completely saturate the water with the salt. Then in the morning take a table spoon or if you are after a detox effect use the 1 liter salt infusion I outlined in the Candida section.


The green one

This is literally all green powders and/ or potentially some fresh greens with water mixed in 1 blender cup, May contain spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass, Kale, Spinach, Nettle, Dandelion from the back garden, sometimes all of it and whatever else I may find even in my own backyard. I am totally intuitive here, simply follow how I feel at that particular day.


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