All of the images displayed in this digital section were originally created within a 1 year window,

1 year of my life which I spend within a "Therapeutic Community" here in London, 3 days a week & lots and lots of "Art Therapy", 

finally seeking help after a total breakdown & complete BURN OUT.

I first took images of the whole painting & then more snapshots of specific parts within the same paintings.

Once I started using Photoshop, I first used exclusively the Raw camera filter & then added a bit of the Liquid filter on occassions


The beauty to work in this way is literally the creative painting freedom with the instant effect and gratification, something

I hardly ever experienced when I paint and draw conventionally, using 3D paints and pencils..

Its like back and forth, undo, create many different versions from one starting point, illustrating the power of choice & focus

Every time you not just creating an entirely different offshot of an original, you also create a totally new set point,

resetting all tools, making this process endless.......




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