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Do what makes you happy

Whatever you can’t stop doing and you forget time because you are getting so immersed in it, whatever makes your heart sing and brings you the greatest joy, DO IT! And aim to do it DAILY (another key to mastery!)I have come to this very simple yet profoundly life-changing understanding the hard way. Instead of following those most natural inclinations I allowed societal standards to dictate my daily activities, so in my particular case I spend most of my time reading, studying academically, desiring (intellectual) knowledge as a status symbol so I was to be looked at as somebody of authority.

A very common compensation-strategy that would be masking a lot of deep unhealed wounding

hiding underneath my carefully constructed “air of superiority”.

That kind of BS controlled my life for a long time until I was physically headed towards a total burn out,

diagnosed by 3 different doctors and yes it took 3 of them in a row

because I was so trained to pull myself together, act from an exceptionally strong (egoic) will and most of all terrified to even look into the direction that doesn’t just now provide a lot of inspirational fuel for my Art,

but also constituted in its raw unhealed and massively traumatised form

a continuous source for all the suicidally depressive states I suffered from my entire life.

I am talking about our emotional bodies and the many ways we discredit and demonise  the power of our emotions.

Please click HERE to dig deeper into why it is so essential to completely re-contextualise

what we have been programmed to believe about emotions.


So coming back to my initial point

In retrospective this aforementioned breakdown/ burn out turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me as it forced me onto my knees and made me listen to that inner knowing that was always there, directing me exactly to where I am now.

I can honestly say there actually never was any confusion around my purpose only the unchecked interference of my negative Ego with all it’s deeply engrained conditioning,

it’s should’s , must’s and have to’s NOT ALLOWING ME TO ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION to what was there all along.

A good indication for where to start is to remember what you loved doing as a child,

what you were naturally drawn to (and often educated out of).

Through my own personal experiences I would say that Joy (as a result of connecting with the core of who we are and doing the things we love) is one of the most underrated forces for lasting positive change, both within ourselves as well as within the external environments we live in.

Joy is also one of the most controlled frequencies on this Earth.

Joy as a heart centred way of being quite literally affects everything it touches in a positive way and brings all levels of our existence into a state of coherence., re-anchoring us in our most natural state of being: that of a creator!

So the real question for me has focused me into clearing whatever prevents me

from living from this place consistently.

This brings me to the remaining 9 points on this list, starting with Self inquiry as a crucial daily practice.

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