If I would use a  nutshell to sum up my purpose I would say this:

Its is my greatest passion to assist Humanity in the transition

from what could be called "Victim" into CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS

facilitating the remembrance that we ALL are born SOVEREIGN CREATORS 

I feel strongly that this fundamental perceptual shift

is the number 1 missing key to transmute EVERYTHING,

from small to big, within and without, 

from individual and collective suffering to Heaven on Earth.

Creativity is not just reserved for the selected few high profile Artists,

but all humans  have natural access

to what I would call OUR INNATE CREATIVITY

and that it is the practical and conscious reclamation

of exactly this natural creative force in all of us

that will turn this EARTH SHIP around to ensure

holistic wealth, health AND peace for the human collective

and in fact all sentient life on this planet 

For this purpose I have designed a number of exportable blueprints

that enable this to be Practically implemented,

most of them are featured in the INVEST section


I am using my own Art work to draw public attention to these Blueprints,

with a particular emphasis on SOLARIS

a  financially (self-) sustainable communal business blueprint,

that is designed to LAWFULLY reclaim empty/ derelict Buildings and Spaces

world-wide for the People!  by the People !

building thriving Communities in a way that is financially sustainable

and capable to practically! ADDRESS HUMAN NEEDS 

on all levels ! and all arenas !of our own (shared) lives 

Solaris is designed via the explicit use of "universal building blocks"

to be implemented as "a STRUCTURAL MICRO-SOLUTION" 

for some of the most pressing challenges we are now facing everywhere.


Creating tangible positive Change both Inside & Outside


The time of Gurus is truly over, the times of top/ bottom-type Hierarchies & old "Lonely Wolf Style" Leadership dated  

& our most important step now is to break through the global structural! spell of programmed victimhood


stepping forward into who we uniquely are and YES! Learning to trust ourselves again

in order to take full sovereign responsibility for our entire life, our very own Creations.

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