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........The Image Bank.......

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•Business - Collaborator WANTED•

The images on this page are the 1st batch of 22 images

available for your proposals to roll in....

An initial selection of 505 original Art works,

currently making up “THE IMAGE•BANK” which I am now releasing to the Public for artistic collaborations of all kinds...

  Some images are left in their original hand-painted state, others are digitised & played around with...something I LOVE doing & will be soon offering Online workshops    where you get to see my processes

Think big, Think small, think printable on 2D, 3D in order to create physical products  & think time-based as in Video & Sound-companions, think Story-telling, visual backdrops for online & Live-events  & everything in-between


Second stage (for you interested in long-term Investment)

The Image Bank is designed to become a visual business-franchise, meaning the franchise will get the individual Creator-access to the images, thereby able to set up their own businesses where-ever they reside, and using the visuals to make their own products and services.

& now send your proposals to

 & let me know why you want to get involved, your skills, passions & credentials etc

PLEASE NOTE: For NOW! I am looking for a multi-skilled business savy/

digital expert now, NOT another 2D Artist, 

someone who LOVES doing all the marketing, the tech-admin

& nitty-gritty side of running an online business

If you LOVE setting up an exciting visual Online Business,

be part of a global Team here to change the Game for the human collective

are a digital tech wizard, a great communicator & networker

& out of the box thinking Go-Getter when it comes to creating

financial opportunities through online Marketing

please CONNECT! over turning the Image bank into a

<<<< Win/Win lucrative Wealth generating  SKY•rOcket >>>>

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fucking cool1.JPG

All images are copyright to myself as the respected owner and creator and are protected under international copyright laws

Without prior written permission  and my explicit authorization  it is not permitted to copy, download, or reproduce these images in any way whatsoever

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