........The Image Bank.......

Available to you and your project

for fruitful collaborations ...between us ....on demand

The displayed images on this page is the first batch of 22 images available for your proposals to roll in....

click here for rest of the 505 images currently making up

an image bank of originals i am releasing to the public

for artistic collaborations of all kinds...


ALL images are 300 dpi high resolution. originals by myself, some left in their original painted state, other digitised and played around with.

think big, think small, think 2D, 3d and time-based as in video and sound, think story telling and Live-events and everything in-between

and now send your proposals here and

we are going to create something that will work for all involved :)

and yes if you want to hit me up on why you want a specifically commissioned "only for you" type of Mona original, send me another proposal i can't resist ::::))))

All images are copyright to myself as the respected owner and creator and are protected under international copyright laws

Without prior written permission  and my explicit authorization  it is not permitted to copy, download, or reproduce these images in any way whatsoever

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