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Creator Consciousness

Our entire cosmology is on the move

We are now living in a world where we start understanding

that  ALL is connected, that our Realities are multidimensional &

that WE are not just “An.Inside.Out. Part” of this whole interconnected fabric of EVERYTHING.

But that we are interfacing with it all. CREATIVELY.

For good or bad. Consciously or Unconsiously. Constructively or Destructively.

That we do indeed CREATE through our most private Thoughts, Emotions

& everyday actions every single aspect of our lives.

Down to our cellular state of being, materialising outwardly as Health or Illness

Yes BOTH: We are creating our inner & outer landscapes. 100% of the time.


We are creators. All of us....Living. Breathing extensions of an energy connecting all

& being in everything. FULLSTOP

All of the above is updating our personal & collective Cosmologies

Bringing them into harmonious alignment with this new paradigm, 

is what it will take to stir this Earth ship around


Creativity is & has NEVER been a force operating outside of us,

operating only in some areas, through selected Skills & Activities & those chosen few Artists. 

Instead it is our very lifeforce poured into ONE SINGLE WORD, sustaining the very core of who we are

& it is NATURALLY available to everyone. 

No single exemption to the Rule


Humanities collective future & survival on Planet Earth

is largely depending on each individual tapping into the realisation of

our INNATE Creatorship, capitalising on our unique creative gifts,

following our greatest Joy & as a result we start organically contributing to the Creation of a New Earth.


The entire Arthouse is birthed through the understanding that 

Everything is Art, because everything is consciousness & that  


We are indeed the Experiment, The Laboratory & The Experimenter


The Arthouse is designed to be a place where Self Governance meets

the Spirit of our factual interconnectedness through Intentional Community!

A Place where ART meets LIFE


        Literally any field of life can be Creatively explored!


"The Art of Cooking, the Art of brushing your skin thoroughly in the morning to awaken your body to life,

the Art of fruitful informational exchange between people, 

the Art of designing your home, the Art of making love to another person,

the Art of maintaining your bike, the Art of managing your business, 

the Art of peaceful negotiation in the face of a conflict, 

the Art of becoming the grandest version of yourself”


This entire piece is taken from the section "our innate Creativity" I wrote for the Arthouse section HERE, 

The very last paragraph is an extract from my dissertation from 2008 titled

" Everything is Art because everything is consciousness", Please find the entire dissertation HERE

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