In the light of current events

affecting everybody world-wide

I am hereby calling for the formation

of an action-oriented

Global ∞ Round ∞ Table ,

a collective Gathering over SOLUTIONS!

Solutions which need to be collectively

chosen N🦁W  by the many!

We have to act fast, co-ordinated

and on a mass-scale

come together over this wake-up trigger call

& remembering

that UNITED we stand STRONG

Please get in contact with me IF you feel like assisting me in this Via fb or email:

With  totalitarian attempts hijacking & culling now Openly! who we are innately are, always were and always will be

      <<<<<<<<<<  SOVEREIGN  ∞ NATURAL ∞ BORN  ∞ CREATORS >>>>>>>>>>>

& within the current STILL largely unchallenged, UNLAWFUL overall context of ! Corporate commercial code!

engulfing  ALL foundational systems & players of this insane global system TRYING to head us now

towards their NWO misery Set-Up

and doing so! by OFFERING  deceptive contracts

masked as apparently NOT-to -be-questioned" Real/ SHOW-REEL-ities

to the people of this Earth,

pretending these commercial enslavement OFFERS are LAW,

the utterly INSANE criminal  sociopathic cabal, aka the self-declared leaders  of our world have to be stopped  and

they have to be brought to Justice by US!, the people of this Earth

finally putting all of our apparent differences aside & UNITE NOW!

I would strongly advise everybody reading this! To write out and declare publicly your own Sovereignty.

If you need inspiration feel free to adapt my own one HERE

or use this more compact one HERE laid out by the incredible  Laura Leon from Sovereign Ki,

as THIS GAME IS ANCIENT and its diabolical enslavement practices are multi-dimensional and have to be

rebuked by us individually AND collectively on many levels and ALL relevant  frontlines!

© 2015 by mOna 

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© 2015 by mOna 

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