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Nutritional Healing

Nutritional healing or You are what you eat

Apparently there is a saying in the Upanishads that the subtle vibrations of your food become your mind.

I have found this very accurate and even though again I would emphasize that you have to start listening to your own body and no shoe fits all sizes, I still am a firm believer that the closer your food is to its natural state the more you will benefit.

So yes despite not wanting to advocate any specific nutritional choices, there is truth in saying that raw, unprocessed foods are massively beneficial for our bodies.

And sure you can always say Mind over Matter and keep running towards your junk food supply, but I have hardly ever met someone in a consistently high vibrational state who lives off low vibrational food and lets get honest junk food is called junk food for reason. Its loaded with pretty much everything destructive under the sun, HIGHLY addictive and I have found out the hard way, that your spirit is unlikely to fully incarnate into your physical vehicle if you keep eating shit. The two vibrations simply don’t match!

Additionally I would say that there is a certain amount of Self care needing to be present in your own life to start consistently making those healthy food choices. All in all the desire to eat what’s right for you is a natural consequence of you becoming more self loving, and then it becomes a positive snowball effect, where more self love will make you organically gravitate towards foods adding to your sense of well being and vice versa.


I would further state that it is not just what you add into your daily diet, but equally important what you leave out.

This in general includes all highly processed foods, those refined sugars found pretty much everywhere, industrialized Salt stripped of all those beautiful minerals, non organic foods (often lacking that love quality that comes from food produced under caring conditions and from people who love what they are doing, “cruel” food generated off the torture/slaughter of sentient beings who are simply kept for profit under horrendous conditions, carbonated drinks laced with neurotoxins such aspartame, one of the highly addictive artificial sweeteners and add-ons put into most of those fizzy drinks, hydrogenated fats such as low fat margarine and cheap, often incredibly rancid oils, the whole genetically modified wheat spectrum of food (with all the cheap breads and white flower products we get hooked on)


I have found a good place to start is to make an actual effort and prepare your own food, ideally grow a lot of what you use yourself. As I got passionate about this I initiated an allotment in the back of our estate in London, where now around 12 different gardeners happily plant away.

We have build our own compost generating planet of rich soil for the next planting season and even though I’m the better harvester than gardener, I have found it very easy to grow a lot of my greens, beetroots and many different healing herbs that I use in drinks, salads and soups.


And even if you don’t find access to land your window-seal in the kitchen might be able to host a few pots where you can get started.


The same with sprouting, I loooove to grow my own sprouts, from fenugreek seeds, to radish, alfalfa, mung beans, chick peas and lentils, you have to stay on alert with the watering to avoid your batch to become mouldy, but once you get the hang of it, your own sprouter can easily supply you with sufficient amounts of  fresh live enzyme packed little sproutlings, which you can sprinkle onto literally everything savory you consume daily. And if you get all industrialized about it, your harvest can supply you with your actual base for the salads, otherwise go to your local health food shop and find a broad variety of different sprouts for an apple and an egg.


All in all I would say it is actually incredibly exciting to get on top of your own nutrition, you don’t just start to feel way better, look better and perform better in all areas of your live, but the food preparation itself is a hugely inspiring, totally self nurturing and creative process, where you can adventurously experiment and get taken to new culinary inventions that may inspire others to get on the right track too.




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