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if you find this difficult to read online Please Email Me for a PDF of  < my Work in Context> 

Here are some direct Links to mOna Live ,

showing Performances which I will be sampling during my crowd fund campaigns

Walking Mantra Performance (featured in Section 20 - communal offerings:  

The InsideOut show curated by Gavin Turk In London in July 2017 where I exhibited the Cosmic Billboard and Stitching for World Peace, which i will both use for the CrowdFund

The "Stiring up the Waters" poem performed In London during an open mic festival


 I will be using busking and re-initiating the Mantra performance as an inspiration for <the Snake>

a walking carnival celebrating Life itself, using Rickshaws to transport sound systems, singers, dancers, costumes and other live performance elementsMe singing LIVE...Recordings of my singing HERE and HERE 

Heading 5
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