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Solaris is an exportable Communal Business Blueprint

centred around restoring empty buildings, turning them into financially sustainable

"People oriented" Co-operatively owned Enterprises! 

Enterprises which are utilising our innate Creativity by actively encouraging BOTH: 


* Encouraging the Individual to be who they are

* while focusing at the same time on the unifying common ground connecting us all


The universal building blocks of Solaris can be summed up as follows:


@ SOLARIS is an exportable Communal Business Blueprint 

     physically centered around bringing empty buildings everywhere on this planet back into practical use  

     through creative community building that empower the whole neighbourhood.

@ A dynamic universal container, rooted in constructively utilising our Innate Human Creativity 

     through areas that are treasured in every culture throughout all of history.


@ SOLARIS as an exportable enterprising model can be set up anywhere in the world,

     completely independent of the social, cultural or climatic conditions of it’s specific environment.

@ SOLARIS is build around it's 4 main cornerstones: ART, HEALING, ECOLOGY & COMMUNITY

@ SOLARIS features an in-built powerful financial engine, in order to ensure it's (economic) sustainability

@ SOLARIS is fusing Community and Business through universal building blocks everyone loves to engage,         hence providing a working environment where the Human Spirit thrives because people actually enjoy           what they doing on a day to day basis.

@ SOLARIS has the capacity to address many of the most pressing global challenges humanity is now                   facing, addressing them on a local scale, in a hands-on manner through a diverse tool box and practical         means which are readily available to everybody, again completely independent of Peoples' ethnic                       background,  Age, Gender, Sexuality and spiritual affiliations.

@ Through its own brand of creative Community building, SOLARIS is able to bring an organic termination           to  the eternal conflict between the Individual and the Group ( ultimately all of humanity).

@ Everybody is a born Creator & each individual's unique creative gifts & talents are required to move                     beyond what is turning out to be a global system collapse, Solaris is designed to capitalise on 

      consciously channeling our innate human Creativity towards building a new Earth together.




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Most people by now understand that this old system is on it's way out because it killing us all, 

Because it doesnt work, because we can create something so much better, and because and this is the key....

it is absolutely vital now to focus on solutions rather than patching up the old Shit, Solutions that work for everybody!


One of these solutions is called Solaris

Solaris Is an exportable communal business blueprint,

which is designed to reclaim empty buildings worldwide for the people by the people

Please find Solaris in a nutshell below and its website links on this page

If you find yourself resonant with the vibes you find on this website & would like to become a part of this experience,

laying the Foundations for a Solution that can go far within a climate that is finally ripe

for fundamental positive global change ...Then please also have a look at the INVESTMENT PACKAGE HERE



principles & individual

areas explained


Proceedings in

more detail


Invest in your own Genius

1st visionary outline of the Trust Foundation

Playground Earth 2010

Why investing in my vision? 

The Communal



Please click buttons below for individual websites, Brochures for all projects are available upon request

SOLARIS in a nutshell

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