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Aka Restore your colon health aka encouraging THE RETURN OF YOU


This protocol is intense, very structured (aka taking some explicit time off from whatever keeps you usually busy is necessary) and designed to not just expel ancient shits ( aka mucoid plaque) from the depths of your system but also likely to bring up a lot of the corresponding old emotions),

so being prepared AND possibly knowing an emotional healing modality such as EFT or the EMOTION CODE

(the basics of both can be quite easily researched and learned online

through various free material in no time) is coming in handy!


One more thing:

You will find a lot of well meaning warnings online about this being a total money making health scam as the mucoid plaque coming out of you being apparently generated by the psyllium husk;

I personally consider this to be yet another deliberately orchestrated (and probably paid by the pharmaceutical cabal ) trolling dig at something that actually works.

However as this is no strictly medical advise, you are (as always) recommended to do your own research, follow what feels right for you!!!!!! and act on your own responsible choices❤️


I found the free PDF of the actual book here:

And used chapter 8 to write a printed out summary of 2 protocol pages, which I kept in the kitchen to keep on track..


And this is the blog that inspired me to do this cleanse in the first place:



I modified the whole protocol slightly, meaning I had 1 freshly squeezed vegetable juice

in the morning as the 8.30am as a replacement for 1 of the altogether 4 daily supplement drinks. 

I also did use a different supplement approach, rather than all the tablets 

I created a blended drink instead using a herbal tea base containing: 

Chlorella/ Spirulina/ Barley Grass (which I had mixed up in equal proportions in 1 Container),

powdered Vitamin C, liquid Chlorophyl,

the powder from the capsules of the pancreatic enzymes and the Niacin)


I had a few more changes instead of following the protocol to the dot:

  • As mentioned a mixture of Barley Grass/ Chlorella and Spirulina instead of the Green life tablets and simply adjusted the amount roughly according to the increase in amount recommended  from day 1 to day 3 (& then staying steady till day 7)

  • Instead of vitamin C tablets, I used Amla- berry powder ( the indian version of Camu Camu)

  • I did not use the beet tablets but put fresh beetroot into the Juicer added to my vegetable juice at 8.30am

  • I did not use the wheat germ oil at all but had some sustainably farmed organic cod liver oil

  • I did renounce on the Calphonite completely

  • And had a blended drink with 1 tea spoon of Barley Miso and fresh Dulse in the late afternoon instead of taking Dulse tablets

  • I completely abandoned their enema protocol and used my own instead: so for the enemas I used a mixture of: 22 drops of MMS/ a tiny bit of Hydrogen Peroxide, some drops of clove oil and a tea base I prepared day before made from wormwood 

  • Additionally I went every day for an hour into an infra red sauna, which helps with the detox and specifically the removal of the heavy metals



The actual steps for this protocol ( with my own measurements in brackets)


(1) Cleansing drink preparation (to be taken at 7am/ 10am/1pm/ 4pm and 7pm)


Part 1 CLEANSING DRINK (which you take at 

The cleansing drink consists of two parts to be mixed separately and drunk in succes-sion. The two-part drink will be taken five times daily.


2 oz Apple Juice 8 oz. water 1 tablespoon clay water (I replaced the clay water with 1 tablespoon each of Betonite clay powder/Diatomaceous Earth) ( a silica based clay)

+ 1 slightly rounded teaspoon intestinal cleanser ( aka psyllium Husk)

SHAKE/ blend WELL AND DRINK QUICKLY (mixture thickens). 


Part Two of the cleansing drink 

10 oz. water 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar 1 teaspoon raw honey




Their Formula for the supplement drink intake (to be taken each day at 8.30am/ 11.30am/ 2.30pm and  5.30pm)

Green Life 12 each time (2 tablespoons of my green mixture)

Niacin 50 mg each time 

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time 

Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time (or  a heaped tablespoon of the Amla berry)

Pancreatin tablets 6 each time 

Beet tablets 2 each time 

Dulse tablets 1 each time



Green Life 18 each time ( 2 tablespoons of my green mixture)

 Niacin 100 mg each time 

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time 

Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time 

Pancreatin tablets 6 each time Beet tablets 2 each time 

Dulse tablets 1 each time



Green Life 24 each time ( 3 tablespoons of my green mixture)

Niacin 150 mg up to 200 mg each time 

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time 

Vitamin C 100 mg, 3 tablets each time

 Pancreatin tablets 6 each time 

Beet tablets 2 each time 

Dulse tablets 1 each time 


Along with the pill supplements, you will be taking cod liver oil, 

Calphonite and a flaxseed drink, which appear in the following daily time schedule. 


To prepare flaxseed drink, soak 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds in ¼ cup hot water for 8 hours (soak your first drink the night before you begin the program). Strain and discard seeds; drink only the liquid



7.00 am SKIN BRUSH 

7.05 am cleansing drink (for preparation see preceding page) 

8:30 am: supplements and flaxseed drink 2 tablespoons Calphonite 

10:00 am: cleansing drink 

11:30 am: supplements with tea or diluted juice 

1:00 pm: cleansing drink  

2:30 pm: supplements with tea  

4:00 pm: cleansing drink  

5:30 pm: supplements, flaxseed drink  

7:00 pm: cleansing drink  

Bedtime: immediately before retiring -2 tablespoons Calphonite, 1 tablespoon Cod Liver Oil. (Bedtime should be no later than 9:30 pm.) 

As you can see, your supplements are taken 1-1/2 hours after the cleansing drinks. 


The evening of your first day on the program, 

you will have the first colema at7:30 pm. 

Thereafter, you are to have two per day-one at 7:30 am and the other at 7:30 pm. REST ½ hour after each colema.



Add 1 pint of coffee and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a little less than 5 gallons of water. (To prepare coffee, allow 2 tablespoons of coffee to 1 pint of water; bring to a rolling boil; let stand 15 minutes before using. You may want to make a 2-day supply of coffee each time). 

Massage abdomen in rolling motion or use vibrator on colon, working from left side up to trans-verse colon, across abdomen left to right, down ascending colon the right side.

Evening Colema.

83 Add ½ to 1 cup of clay water to 5 gallons of water. Repeat massage or use vibrator. 




for the full 7 days,other than the specified drinks during the program.

If you expe-rience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink herbal teas, clear vegetable or potato peeling broths or diluted fresh vegetable juices. 

Plenty of liquid is essential to the success of the cleansing program. 

The evening before starting the program, take 2 herbal laxative tablets. 

To ensure a more thorough elimination, use a baby enema syringe to inject 1 cup olive oil into rectum and hold until morning. If necessary in the morning, use an enema to make sure the lower colon is clean.



(Instructions on 90.) Your daily regimen should begin with skin brushing, 3 to 5 minutes.



The Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System is very good at overcoming pain. Pain of all kinds from any part of the body, such as in arthritis, headaches, etc. In overcoming serious degenerative disease, it is recommended that the treatment be on-going and constantly applied for possibly one year and perhaps longer. It should be understood that this treatment cannot be considered a “cure all,” but rather is an important step for leading the body to detoxification and cleansing. Treatment must be given according to the patient’s responsiveness-watch for reactions closely. Three days may be all a patient can endure to begin with, especially with the elderly and very weak. One day may be all that can be safely administered if the patient drops in energy level severely. 

Please remember that reactions can set in quickly and must be attended to at once. This is the most powerful detoxifying program I know of. Approach it with respect. We are unleashing potent healing powers that may be overwhelming to the system.

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