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100 Days into Liquid Skies and MY OWN STUDIO

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

These 100 days were in preparation since forever, knowing that i will need a radical root change around habits that i developped at the earliest age in response to severe longstanding trauma. many things have kept me in the closet and in the end it all comes down to spiritual poverty and self rejection, which incidently happen to be come of the biggest glues of this matrix...and since there is only now and i know that the perfection i seek aint never happen and is only another cover for shame ...i will have to just do matter how terrifying this may be..remember mona that true growth is only happening at the edge of my old comfort... i have only 2 conditions for this blog

  1. Be consistent and stick it out till day 100 and

  2. while i am obviously disclosing ONLY what i feel safe to disclose, what i am writing here has to truthful...and yes it will need fearlessness despite whatever these moves into "Visibility" will trigger...

  3. Triggers FOLLOWED through fearlessly only show what needs healing

focus and goal forthis experience is to finally allow myself to manifest MY STUDIO ((((((:::: So Bless up mona and bless it all :::::)))))

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